Maverick Distributing

Maverick Distributing is the premier distributor of Canadian powersports aftermarket parts and accessories. Operating from our Edmonton, Alberta location using multiple couriers we have the ability to ship quickly no matter where you are located.

We are proud to be the preferred distributor for some of the most recognizable product names in the industry

  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Arrowhead Electrical
  • BOSS Audio
  • Cheng Shin
  • Comet Clutch
  • Cylinder Works
  • Demon Powersports
  • DID (Daido) Chain
  • Dirthouse Distribution
  • DNA MX Wheels
  • Dragon Fire Racing
  • Eagle Plows
  • Echo Products
  • EKS Goggles
  • Enduro Engineering
  • Fox Racing Shox
  • Fuel Star Peacocks
  • Fulmer Helmets
  • Grip Studs
  • GSP Axles
  • Hot Rods
  • ICS Racing Tape
  • Inferno UTV Cab Heaters
  • Interco Tires
  • ITP Tires
  • Keihin Carbs
  • KFI Products
  • KMC Drive Chain
  • Kolpin
  • Maxxis Tires
  • Mikuni
  • Mitas
  • NGK Sparkplugs
  • Pivot Works
  • ProX Pistons
  • PXR Plentytech Auto
  • Quoro Adventure Bags
  • Revarc Ramps
  • Roko Sports
  • Rox Speed FX
  • Rugged Axles
  • Rugged Power Steering Kits
  • Rugged U-Joints
  • Runva Wiches
  • Sikkia ATV Boxes
  • Solas
  • Steadymate Tiedowns
  • Sudco
  • Super Clamp
  • Super Glides
  • Super Trac
  • Sure Grip Dollies
  • Symtec
  • Throttle Sense
  • Vertex Pistons
  • Wes Industries
  • Wiseco and many, many more.

Please search through our online catalogs, browse for the products you are interested in and use our dealer locator to find the dealer closest to your location. The dealer will either stock the items you require or have them for you promptly.

Maverick Distributing sells only to legitimate motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, watercraft and other related RV related businesses. We request that our dealers completely fill out our dealer application form, returned to our attention.

Upon approval as a Maverick dealer, we will send you our catalog and account information.